13 Bonaparte - Paris

photography Peppe Tortora

coordination Mariaelena Morelli

8 April 2013

13 Bonaparte is contemporary attire for men who appreciate the quality of clothing in their everyday life and are attentive to subtle details. Opened at the end of 2012 in the Marais district of Paris, 13 Bonaparte combines the creative studio with a shop area, where garments are presented with simplicity and sophistication. The Tencel line, created with 13 Bonaparte's signature fabric, is displayed in an old fashioned, refurbished library.

For designer and brand founder David Sarfati, the choice of fabrics and of sleek, classic pieces, results in a line of essentials available in different nuances that can easily be layered and combined. 
While Sarfati's design hints at work wear, fabrics are the key element to 13 Bonaparte, a focus that is reinforced by the union of hi-tech materials with refined traditional fabrics from France, England and Italy. The resulting collection creates a wardrobe that is as contemporary as it is timeless, functional and versatile.

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13 Bonaparte is located at 2bis, rue de Normandie, 3ème arrondissement, Paris.

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