Abstracts / 7 April 2015

Coffee House

by Beatrix Ost

photography Valentina Ilardi Martin

When we arrived in New York in the 70s, it was denuded of cafès. My imagination panicked. Where does one meet friends, just to chat, to assemble in ordinariness, or to sit in Sunday silence with the paper? Read more...

Chronicle / 3 April 2015

Under the Blood of the Moon - Diego Buongiorno

by Concetta D'Angelo

This restless sky in spring offers us tonight a rare scarlet moon, visible in all its glory (total lunar eclipse) in North America, Eastern Asia and Oceania. Composer Diego Buongiorno couldn’t miss the chance to serenade Sister Moon. Read more...

Abstracts / 31 March 2015

Spring Awakening

by Beatrix Ost

I am in Prague. This is a northern spring. It comes hesitantly, beaten back too often by frost and a sudden, irascible snowfall. Read more...

Travel / 26 March 2015

House of Hackney - London

by Maria Rossi

photography Federica Fioravanti

To enter the House of Hackney premises in Shoreditch High Street, just at the edge of the Hackney borough in London, is a joyful experience – as long as you're not inclined to minimalism, that is. Read more...

Editorials / 1.2

December Solstice

realization GREYHOUSE

Taylor Hill in December Solstice wearing a Resort wardrobe by Vera Wang in the East Village. Read more...

B Rants / 24 March 2015

B Rant: "Bri-an Will-yums"

by Brantly Martin

Brian Williams—America's most digitally transmitted two-dimensional trust-me-face—admits he lied about a few things. Read more...

Abstracts / 23 March 2015

Mother Tongue

by Beatrix Ost

He drives fast on the autobahn, 180 km/h, as if a fugitive. In his hurry we pass everyone. Read more...

Art / 23 March 2015

"From Cocoanut Grove to Soho Nights" by Ernesto Canovas and Gracjana Rejmer-Canovas

by Maria Rossi

photography Gabriella Codastefano

The title of the exhibition “From Cocoanut Grove to Soho Nights” by Ernesto Canovas and Gracjana Rejmer-Canovas triggers images of glamorous late-night parties and California beaches from a bygone era. Read more...

B Rants / 20 March 2015

B Rant: Guest Rant by Izzy

by Brantly Martin

Orchestra Holistic is a newly formed collective of musicians assembled for the live instrumentation and the advancement of our musical agenda. Read more...

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