B Rants / 21 May 2015

B Rant: Rockets vs. Warriors, Day 2

by Brantly Martin

Rockets vs. Warriors, the 3-ball, and All or Nothing America Read more...

B Rants / 18 May 2015

B Rant: Clutch City 2

by Brantly Martin

A quick dip into Houston Rockets past and present. Read more...

Interiors / 1.2

Dimore Studio: Canon of Confusion

by Monika Norwid

photography Giulia Venanzi

coordination Concetta D'Angelo

Transcending tasteful solutions, a Dimore room is in a state of constant, invigorating tension, boobie-trapped with risky propositions that are then left hanging for our imaginations to get hooked on. Read more...

Chronicle / 13 May 2015

Palmador - DimoreStudio

by Maria Rossi

photography Lorenzo Sampaolesi

Just one step into "Palmador" is enough to throw you back under the DimoreStudio spell. That sense of vibrant interplay of forces, of an enthralling beauty that lets chaos as well as control in, characterizes yet again the atmosphere that Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran keep conjuring up artfully. Read more...

Travel / 13 May 2015

Poppies - London

by Maria Rossi

photography Federica Fioravanti

The famous "chippie"—British slang for fish and chips—is located in a touristic neighborhood but on a nearly secluded street. Read more...

Art / 1.2

Dustin Yellin

by Joyce Varvatos

photography Alessandro Simonetti

An interview with Dustin Yellin.

Travel / 1.2

The Kingdom of Cambodia

photography David M. D'Ingeo

Actor David D'Ingeo gets lost in Cambodia.

Abstracts / 11 May 2015


by Beatrix Ost

Beatrix Ost reacts to seeing the play Nirbhaya.

B Rants / 8 May 2015

B Rant: Between a Rock and an Accent

by Brantly Martin

photography Valentina Ilardi Martin

Meditating on Chris Rock's “Why don’t black people like baseball anymore?” Read more...

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