Lumen Et Umbra

by Daniel Area Wakahisa

photography David M. D'Ingeo

models Luisa Bianchini

Issue II

Lumen 1


Source of light. Source of inspiration. Fabrics woven with history, a distant past recalling what once was, what no more is. Hand made, hand spun. Hands in search of lost cities, loose threads in time and space. Archetypes and prototypes, remote landscapes revisited. Revived. An unwonted language spoken by few remaining craftsmen, still connected with elemental forces, forgotten details, folk tales. Keeping it simple, vernacular. Knits and jerseys, and why not paper—whispering alchemical formulas linking the past to the present. Shaping the future. Avoiding the future. The catalyst of form and function, tradition and innovation. A Japanese free spirit made flesh in Italy, a label on its own, floating in the Gulf of Gaeta. Safe from harm.

Lumen 2


Umbra, the blackest part of a shadow. A vocabulary of greying pages devoured by woodworms, aged amongst the pixels of our time, our last words. Not much to call our own. Across wildlife and metropolises an impetuous cry for evolution, for simplicity amongst infinite variables, infinite numbers. The awry herd keeps following the street sign—TO ALL DIRECTIONS. There's no escaping the question: To progress or to regress? Every day of life is a catechism. Through monitors and screens we watch a civilization unravel, its soul revealed as it escapes from a body covered with wires, chained to a raging machine. Season after season an endless journey towards balance, towards the future perfect in past tense. What once we felt.

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