Serge Lutens, Palais Royal - Paris

photography Aimee Blaut

coordination Concetta D'Angelo

8 October 2012


"A unique place in the world where one would come as an enlightened being to define oneself through one's perfume, in order to stand out from the identity-free crowd which previous times had imposed upon us."

This was Mr. Serge Lutens purpose when he opened, in 1992, "Les Salons du Palais Royal," his exclusive boutique, enclosed in the magnificent Jardin du Palais Royal, in Paris.

A quiet oasis, protected from pedestrian noise.


His perspective of luxury and rarity is reflected in the sophisticated fragrances, and extraordinary dècor, he designed for "Les Salons," creating an esoteric and magical atmosphere.

Serge Lutens is located at 142 Galerie de Valois, 1er arrondissement, Paris.

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