A Scanner, Darkly at David Lewis

coordination Claudia Vitarelli

20 October 2013

New York based art dealer and writer David Lewis opens his namesake gallery on the Lower East Side, after a brief Hell's Kitchen venture with the Parisian gallery, Balice Hertling. The inaugural group show features works by Will Benedict, Lucy Dodd, Nic Guagnini, Calla Henkel and Max Pitegoff, Dawn Kasper, Israel Lund, Aubrey Mayer, Charles Mayton, Greg Parma Smith and Viola Yesiltac. 

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"Call what wants to live and to increase life by becoming THE NEW. Call the dominant alternative THE OLD. (But note please the intrinsic difficulties of perception.)

THE OLD is dialectical: it is based on oppositions.

THE NEW has nothing to do with oppositions. It is about differences, which are local, various, and more or less endless. 

THE OLD is hierarchical: in order for it to be, it has to be better (or worse) than someone or something else. 

This means that THE OLD is profoundly vertical—it is all about tops and bottoms.

THE NEW is horizontal: it spreads out, making a map, or a field.

THE OLD is based on the power and glamour of the negative, of negation. It finds gorgeous ways of saying “No.”

THE OLD is ironic (sarcastic), which means that it is sadistic. 

THE NEW is not ironic but rather humorous. Humor has no target, humor does not laugh at someone or something, it does not elevate itself or degrade  its foes:it simply explodes with energy. And in doing so it gives (breathes) life.

'I perceive, feel, sense' (αἰσθητικός). THE NEW is therefore about bodies. Bodies means: presence(s).

And life. Cosmology and eschatology; birth, birth, birth; metamorphoses in between.


We are not talking about this moment only but about the permanent double structure of time (aion and chronos). In other words: THE OLD has always been old. Since the very beginning. THE NEW is, by contrast, permanently new. Forever. For-EVER"

-David Lewis, A Scanner, Darkly

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On the left: Charles Mayton, trouble in dreams, 2013. On the right: Charles Mayton,
(sp k y -l sh n), 2013. 

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Above: Viola Yesiltac, PAWN/THE OBLIQUE MOVE, 2013.

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Above: Max Pitegoff and Calla Henkel, Miami Plate (4), 2013.

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On the left: Israel Lund, Untitled, 2013. On the right: Lucy Dodd, Salamandvia, 2013.

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Above: Greg Parma Smith, GPS 2, 2013.

A Scanner, Darkly is on view until November 17, 2013.

David Lewis gallery is located at 88 Eldridge Street, fifth floor, New York. 

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