As a Day of Eclipse - DIEGO BUONGIORNO

by Concetta D'Angelo

photography Peppe Tortora

19 March 2015

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Dear Clockwise and Counterclockwise Readers,

Tomorrow, spring will officially start with a deep, black embrace that will see the exceptional meeting of the Sun and the Moon. The eclipse will be visible tomorrow morning on one side of the Northern Hemisphere, starting from Iceland and proceeding clockwise to Northern Asia.

I'll personally live it in the beautiful and silent countryside of Veneto, in Italy, while packing our new issue.  At 10:31 a.m. I'll make all the people working on the printing process stop, go outside and look at the sky. I already did this once—while printing another issue, some moons ago—when an incredibly big and perfect rainbow appeared once, on a grey summer day.

On whichever side of the world you are, whatever you will be doing at that hour—working, sleeping, loving, hating, dreaming—we invite you to join us in this meeting, and look at the sky (protecting your eyes and freeing your soul, as both are deserved in this occasion).

As nature implored, Diego composed and recorded an exclusive soundtrack in less than 48 hours.

"As a Day of Eclipse speaks of a crucial meeting, one of those exceptional and powerful moments that happen twice, or three times maximum, in the whole life. If it's between the Sun and the Moon, a Man and Woman, the Rational and the Reasonless, the Clockwise and the Counterclockwise, or any other entities that have a meaning for you, put your headphones on, together with the blackest shades you have, and look up. Keep these five minutes within you forever."
- Diego Buongiorno

An exclusive for GREY's readers, unwrap your present by Diego here:

Written and composed by Buongiorno, this song features Fær Øer Island singer Eivør as guest vocalist. It's a long-lasting collaboration that binds the two artists since Diego's first album, The Bush. It's not a casual choice, since Fær Øer Island is the geographical point where the eclipse will be total. On the drums is the Icelander Kristinn Snær Agnarsson—drummer of John Grant—while on the bass is Marco Trombin, from Berlin. The acting voice belongs to the Irish actress Valene Kane.

As was the case with The Bush, the music created by Buongiorno embraces different voices from around the globe, in a unique sound.

To imagine, create, record and release an original track in 48 hours might sound crazy, but sometimes music can't be programmed on the calendar, and luckily neither can life. As Diego says, it arrives like this, like a sunbeam in the center of your eye.

At GREY we live a life of urges and feelings, rather than "inspirations."

Have a GREY Eclipse day.

read more about Diego Buongiorno's a universe here and on

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