Ausiàs March’s Poema LXXXI

by Rowan Ricardo Phillips

illustrator Guglielmo Castelli

Issue VIII

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Ausiàs March’s Poema LXXXI: Així com cell qui es veu prop de la mort

translated from the Catalan by Rowan Ricardo Phillips

Like someone who sees himself close to death,

Stuck midst quizzed weathers and perilous seas,

And sees a place where he could seem to be

And isn’t before his luck’s last breath,

This is how I seem, wind-swollen, rank-drawn,

And eyeing in you the cure for it all;

Desperate to pry the dream from the awe,

I’ll crisscross the world, chanting this, your song.


Ausiàs March:  LXXXI

Així com cell     qui·s veu prop de la mort,

corrent mal temps,     perillant en la mar,

e veu lo loch     on se pot restaurar

e no·y ateny     per sa malvada sort,

ne pren a mé,     qui vaig afanys passant,

e veig a vós     bastant mos mals delir:

Desesperat     de mos desigs complir,

iré pel món     vostr·ergull recitant.

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