B Rant: Rockets vs. Warriors, Day 2

by Brantly Martin

21 May 2015

B = me 

Rant = declaim violently and with little sense; rave

I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide.
-Billy Gibbons aka The Reverend Willie G 

Last night the wife and I attended the Lower Eastside Girls Club Gala at the Bowery Hotel. The event—like the LES Girls Club—was about as legit, real deal, local, on point and all the rest of it as it gets. It's one of those things that seems miraculous and inevitable at the same time. How in the hell did they pull this off?! (and) How could this not exist? Their home—two blocks from me, on Avenue D—is a not so little wonderland. One full of labs, classrooms, studios, the latest tech and gadgets, a bakery and … (boom) a mothereffin planetarium! (Dude—a planetarium.) My link to the Girls Club is Jenny Dembrow, an overall badass whose “story” is really a layer by layer, year by year story of the past 20 years or so of  New York and its evolution. I suppose what I'm getting at is … If you find yourself in possession of extra loot that is looking for a worthy home, think about donating it to the LES Girls Club. It's legit legit legit … 

* * * * 

Rockets. Warriors. If this is Day 2 I guess this temporary autonomous zone calendar only exists on Western Conference Finals game days. The Hardenian Calendar. Why not. 

One (at least this one) gets the feeling the Rockets may have angered the hoop gods in game 1. Sorta in the same way the Clips did by not showing up for game 5 in Houston. When we were up big there was never a question the Warriors would “make a run”—or, just do what they do: make runs—but when you fuck with the roundball cosmos by committing unforced turnovers and leaving the best shooter on Earth WIDE OPEN time after time you might expect a visit from the multi-dimension dwelling demon of Destiny Lost. 

(For reasons I can't fathom, a Greg Maddux story comes to mind. One that may or may not be true. Supposedly … allegedly … during a regular season game Maddux served up a home run to the Astros Jeff Bagwell on purpose, knowing that they would meet again come playoff time. And when they did … and the count was the same as it was on that dinger months prior … Maddux crossed Bagwell up, striking him out. What that has to do with Game 1 I'm not sure. But both that regular season home run and that early Rockets lead could be part of a group show that consists of only one piece of neon-sign art: FOOL'S GOLD.)

Sticking with the fool's gold flow … many an NBA “expert” has decried the reliance on the 3-ball. “Live by the three, die by the three” … “You can't win championships relying on threes” … blah etc blah. But much like text-message English and communicating with the world via well curated best-face-forward selfies—what happens when everyone's doing it? In All or Nothing America—equally full of the obese and the chiseled, the only place where “what's he worth?” always refers to money, where a baseball player can strike out 200 times in a single season and still be valuable, where we are locked-in to a two-party system—the NBA's shift to layup/dunk or 3-ball, and not much in between, seems to fit.   

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