Interiors / 1.4


by Beatrix Ost

photography GREYHOUSE

Yes, she is just like my Italian memories. She carries the same immediate danger: falling in love without warning. Read more...

Interiors / Issue X

Roman And Williams

by Ricky Lee

photography Peppe Tortora

From the beginning, Roman and Williams has held a somewhat spiritual philosophy and placed a huge focus on artistic authenticity, which challenges the standard design paradigm. Read more...

Interiors / 1.2

Dimore Studio: Canon of Confusion

by Monika Norwid

photography Giulia Venanzi

coordination Concetta D'Angelo

Transcending tasteful solutions, a Dimore room is in a state of constant, invigorating tension, boobie-trapped with risky propositions that are then left hanging for our imaginations to get hooked on. Read more...

Interiors / 1.1

Lafayette House

by Alaska McFadden

photography Simone Strano

“Suzi takes me to room #5—this is my room. This is where I will write my novel.” Read more...

Interiors / 1.1

De Gournay Photos

photography Simone Strano

“What’s your favorite color? Black, right? I thought so. Read more...

Interiors / 1.1

De Gournay

by Monika Norwid

photography Simone Strano

“The china is made in China. You know—where china originally came from.” Read more...

Interiors / Issue IX

Steven Gambrel

by Carlo Prada

photography Eric Piasecki

"I observe the manner which the family members interact with each other, and above all else, how they wish they lived. The design of the space is developed from these considerations." Read more...

Interiors / Issue IX

Grey House - Rome

photography Peppe Tortora

realization Valentina Ilardi Martin

Ghosts are the norm here.

Interiors / 28 April 2014

Into the Forest at Stella McCartney

photography Simona Belotti

coordination Martina Velardi

"Self-production has the added bonus of offering designers the opportunity to break free from the boundaries of industrial production, allowing for more freedom in the design process." Read more...

Interiors / 25 April 2014

Interior Couture - Maison Martin Margiela

photography Federica Fioravanti

coordination Maria Rossi

For the duration of Milan's Salone del Mobile, the boutique of Maison Martin Margiela in Via della Spiga presented "Interior Couture," a selection of pieces from the fashion house's Artisanal line, shown alongside the artworks that inspired their creation. Read more...

Interiors / 15 April 2014

Volo a Planare - Circolo Marras

photography Simona Belotti

coordination Maria Rossi

In occasion of Milan's Salone del Mobile 2014, designer Antonio Marras unveiled an installation celebrating Italian craftsmanship. Read more...

Interiors / 14 April 2014

Hermès en Lumière

photography Nello Esposito

coordination Maria Rossi

Hermès embarks on the world of lighting design by presenting a collection of lamps, light fixtures and a lantern in the setting of the historical Palazzo Serbelloni. Read more...

Interiors / 10 April 2014

Humana Fragilitas

photography Alice Guarini

coordination Violetta Sturiale

"Every graphic work is connected to a tale."

Interiors / 8 April 2014

Trattoriaitalia at Design-Apart

photography Martina Maffini

coordination Claudia Vitarelli

During this year's Milano Design Week, a group of young Italian designers came together for the project TrattoriaItalia, centered on the tradition of Italian product design and the food industry. Read more...

Interiors / Issue VIII


photography Peppe Tortora

realization Concetta D'Angelo

Wallpaper, fabrics, porcelains and objects from the Hermès Maison Collection are featured in the Interior section of GREY VIII. Read more...

Interiors / 5 June 2013

Les Nécessaires d’Hermès

photography Chiara S. Kurtovic

Hermès presents the home furnishing collection, Les Nécessaires d’Hermès, designed by Philippe Nigro, during Milan's Salone del Mobile 2013. Read more...