Aaron Akira

Aaron Akira is a writer of short fiction based in Paris.  

Fiction / 11 November 2013

Paint The Bride Update: Messenger in Lavender

by Aaron Akira

illustrator Simon Pemberton

His destination was the Portuguese King John’s winter court at Estremoz, just under three days’ journey from Lisbon on horseback. Read more...

Fiction / Issue VII

God Save The Coupons

by Aaron Akira

illustrator Carolina Melis

Among a select circle of critics, it’s often repeated that no one who ever heard a Coupons record ever forgot it, except the members of The Coupons themselves. Read more...

Fiction / Issue VI

Grey Film: The Gondolier

by Aaron Akira

illustrator Sam Wolfe Connelly

Gaetano Jr. fancies his father was the assassin, despite knowing that the assassin was a man named Bresci who had lived in Paterson, New Jersey. Read more...

Fiction / Issue V

Certain Facts About The Pantheon

by Aaron Akira

illustrator Michael Salu

In Roma we set aside an afternoon to write postcards to everyone we have ever loved. The gentleman at the ufficio postale informs us that addresses in the hereafter can indeed be reached, but the postage is molto caro. Read more...