Aaron Ayscough

Aaron Ayscough is the founder of Not Drinking Poison in Paris.

Abstracts / 1.3

Music: Chinawoman

by Aaron Ayscough

photography Vito Fernicola

realization Mariaelena Morelli

Things change
You live your life for the stage
Till your kidney floats away
Throw in a car accident

Beauty & Fragrance / 30 November 2013

An Interview with Serge Lutens

by Aaron Ayscough

photography Aryanà Francesca Urbani

coordination Mariaelena Morelli

"I was born in 1942. It was the war. I was born in Lille in the north. France was occupied. My mother was an adulteress." Read more...

Abstracts / Issue VI

The President On The Rocks

by Aaron Ayscough

illustrator Rosie Roberts

I don’t mean overalls, although they are frowned upon at state funerals, depending on the state. I mean our presidents’ choice of presidential beverage. Read more...

Abstracts / Issue IV

A Wine Is a Wine Is More than a Wine

by Aaron Ayscough

illustrator Aurore de La Morinerie

Gertrude Stein’s famous riff on the law of identity, “A rose is a rose is a rose,” begs for qualification like never before. Read more...