Angelo Flaccavento

Angelo Flaccavento is a writer based in Sicily. 

Abstracts / Issue II

Grey Suit

by Angelo Flaccavento

photography Cedric Bihr

I don’t get people who scout remote locations for rotten neckties, frame silk scarves to hang them on the wall and then religiously contemplate their findings. Read more...

Abstracts / Issue III

Grey Flannel: Seclusion, in a Bottle

by Angelo Flaccavento

illustrator Aurore de La Morinerie

I want to be a monk, trapped in a cellar lavishly upholstered in jacquard silk, paisley cashmere shawls thrown over brocade sofas, passementerie and tassels everywhere, decaying flowers in crystal vases, fragrant wood filling the air. Read more...

Fiction / Issue VI

Grey Film: Lttlslr

by Angelo Flaccavento

illustrator Diego Soprana

LTTLSLR is a biography in fragments The movie opens in blinding white. A masculine voice says off screen, “The body is a battleground.” The screen progressively fades to silver. Read more...

Abstracts / Issue IV

Exercises in Sartorial Deprivation

by Angelo Flaccavento

illustrator Florence Manlik

2-inch cuffs: do the math
and proceed accordingly.
Size matters.