Beatrix Ost

Interiors / 1.4


by Beatrix Ost

photography GREYHOUSE

Yes, she is just like my Italian memories. She carries the same immediate danger: falling in love without warning. Read more...

Abstracts / 29 August 2015

Truth Disarms Philosophy of a Metal Frog

by Beatrix Ost

I know her from other train rides, this conductor. She is the Prime Minister of the Business Class Department. She has her parliamentary seat right on the left as you enter. To rest a little and to oversee her charges. Read more...

Abstracts / 26 June 2015


by Beatrix Ost

“Love can be surprising. Love can be heartbreaking. Love can be an art. But love is the singular emotion that all humans rely on most ... and crave endlessly no matter what the cost ...” -Casanova Read more...

Abstracts / 9 June 2015


by Beatrix Ost

Back then, we all, we being everyone, went to the grand opening nights of these fashion exhibits. Everybody was there decorating the crowd. Read more...

Abstracts / 1 June 2015

Gender Studies

by Beatrix Ost

There is a behind-the-scenes obsession, a starfuck with each other. Read more...

Abstracts / 20 May 2015


by Beatrix Ost

He is a king, really. He is terribly aware of it. Read more...

Abstracts / 11 May 2015


by Beatrix Ost

Beatrix Ost reacts to seeing the play Nirbhaya.

Abstracts / 4 May 2015


by Beatrix Ost

He is now driving fast, faster than the other cars. After we pass through a vehicular sickroom he has discovered a new land, the land of honey. Read more...

Abstracts / 21 April 2015

The Hoarder, XXXJ

by Beatrix Ost

I am a writer and would like to write you a long letter. But since you will not read it, the only thing that would make sense would be for me to read it to you. But that would make the letter obsolete. Read more...

Abstracts / 13 April 2015

Small Gestures

by Beatrix Ost

photography Valentina Ilardi Martin

And then Nature has endless gestures for us. We take them as givens but really they are gifts. Read more...

Abstracts / 7 April 2015

Coffee House

by Beatrix Ost

photography Valentina Ilardi Martin

When we arrived in New York in the 70s, it was denuded of cafès. My imagination panicked. Where does one meet friends, just to chat, to assemble in ordinariness, or to sit in Sunday silence with the paper? Read more...

Abstracts / 31 March 2015

Spring Awakening

by Beatrix Ost

I am in Prague. This is a northern spring. It comes hesitantly, beaten back too often by frost and a sudden, irascible snowfall. Read more...

Abstracts / 23 March 2015

Mother Tongue

by Beatrix Ost

He drives fast on the autobahn, 180 km/h, as if a fugitive. In his hurry we pass everyone. Read more...

Abstracts / 15 March 2015

The Scar

by Beatrix Ost

photography Spencer Ostrander

All cultural events come down to chemical changes in our cells, our neurons. All events leave mind-altering traces, and those are the changes in our consciousness. Read more...

Abstracts / 10 March 2015


by Beatrix Ost

photography Casey Curry

Marilyn Monroe had a plan. She had to outmaneuver the other starlets. Her promiscuity was more businesslike. Read more...

Chronicle / 2 March 2015

The Hatter

by Beatrix Ost

Beatrix Ost tells the story - or poem? or spell? - of a real hatter straight out of a California dream. Read more...