Brantly Martin

Brantly Martin is the Co-Founder of GREY. He is the author of the novel Pillage.

Abstracts / 6 February 2015

How To (Be) Play(ed) At The Super Bowl

by Brantly Martin

The Grand Transmission Window—with its six hour lead-in and time-flattened auto-referential lip-synching slot— Read more...

Abstracts / Issue IX

willie mays’ in essay data bass (LIVE)

by Brantly Martin

When the sirens went off and I looked skyward over Tompkins Square Park and saw the distress signal hologram I knew it was a result of my egregious breach of email etiquette Read more...

Chronicle / 21 December 2014

Happy Birthday John Kennedy Toole & Philip K. Dick

by Brantly Martin

“When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him.”
-Jonathan Swift; Thoughts on Various Subjects, Moral and Diverting Read more...

Travel / 1.1

Venetian Plans & Shallow Lagoons

by Brantly Martin

photography Alessandro Simonetti

They need to perfect the antidote before they market the new plague, and they need to refine the new plague to make sure there is no cure. Read more...

Chronicle / 20 October 2014

Panic in the Cranium

by Brantly Martin

photography Scáth Umbra

I saw one of those Goebbels must be alive and now under the employ of the US Hollywood-military-hero complex movies the other day. Read more...

Art / Issue X

Marcel Dzama

by Brantly Martin

artist Marcel Dzama

An exclusive selection of Dzama's latest works on paper in occasion of a solo exhibition with David Zwirner gallery. Read more...

Chronicle / 9 July 2014

Thoughts on GREY X, Part 2

by Brantly Martin

A word that’s found an opposite destiny—fixed and pejorative—is formulaic. Read more...

Sport / 27 June 2014

Foot Traffic

by Brantly Martin

The problem with writing about sports is the third eye Pandora’s Box Set that projects from my forehead Read more...

Sport / 18 June 2014

Sterling Futures

by Brantly Martin

How far out must we look to escape this modern malady of digitally deterministic déjà vu. Read more...

Chronicle / 29 May 2014

Thoughts on GREY X, Part 1

by Brantly Martin

Angelo Turetta’s shoot in Grey X, “Playhouse,” triggers in me a transcendental experience the likes of which I’ve rarely experienced via visual portal. Read more...

Fiction / 25 October 2013


by Brantly Martin

photography Giorgia Valli

Saïd Sayrafiezadeh discusses his new book, BRIEF ENCOUNTERS WITH THE ENEMY. Read more...

Fiction / Issue VII

As The Pre-Teen Downing Planes

by Brantly Martin

illustrator Simon Pemberton

La Signorina Sash—Xanax beginning to Walt Clyde Frazier—asks Dad why they can’t take the 7 train to Citi Field like normal people. Read more...

Fiction / Issue VII

As The Heiress To Flight

by Brantly Martin

illustrator Zoe Taylor

La Signorina Sash launches the remains of her mother to the next moon and flies for the first time. Read more...

Fiction / Issue VII

As The Woman Who Raised

by Brantly Martin

illustrator Guglielmo Castelli

La Signorina Sash withdraws for sixteen years and hones Darignan witchcraft. Read more...

Abstracts / Issue VII

Grey Music: Los Lost

by Brantly Martin

illustrator Michael Salu

Last we saw the Mexican electronic music duo, Los Lost, they were staging their own kidnapping outside Juarez. Read more...

Fiction / Issue VI

Grey Film: 4 Mice

by Brantly Martin

illustrator Guglielmo Castelli

Mom and Dad, passed out drunk and oblivious, find their youngest daughter bloodied and bald in the morning. She’s cut, then shaved, her hair. Her fear of mice never goes away, even with the counseling. Read more...

Fiction / Issue V

National Anthem Entries

by Brantly Martin

illustrator Michael Salu

To give in or to give in? Yes. Manner of surrender? Completely. From which rationalization? To be determined. Read more...

Fiction / Issue III

Apologies to Joe

by Brantly Martin

illustrator Daniel Egnéus

I’m on my fourth Peroni at Caffé della Pace on Via della Pace staring at Chiesa della Pace. I feel no peace and have never been more certain that my life is one operatic monument to Displaced Choice. Read more...