David M. D'Ingeo

David M. D’Ingeo is an Italian based photographer and actor.

Travel / 1.2

The Kingdom of Cambodia

photography David M. D'Ingeo

Actor David D'Ingeo gets lost in Cambodia.

Editorials / Issue IV

Ostia - Monday 10.01.11

photography David M. D'Ingeo

realization Valentina Ilardi Martin

An Accesories Editorial shot on the Italian seaside by David M. D'Ingeo and styled by Valentina Ilardi Martin for GREY IV. Read more...

Abstracts / Issue II

Lumen Et Umbra

by Daniel Area Wakahisa

photography David M. D'Ingeo

models Luisa Bianchini

Umbra, the blackest part of a shadow. A vocabulary of greying pages devoured by woodworms, agedamongst the pixels of our time, our last words. Read more...