Julian Gough

Julian Gough is the author of Jude: Level 1 (Old Street) and Jude in London (Old Street). His short story "I'm The Guy Who Wrote the Wild Bunch" -- from GREY IV -- was included in the anthology Best British Short Stories 2012 (Salt Publishing)He lives in Berlin. 

Abstracts / 1.4

Filling In A Form

by Julian Gough

illustrator Clément Louis

The only work of any kind that I’ve done voluntarily, and regularly, over the years, has been chiefly related to helping women achieve orgasm. Read more...

Abstracts / Issue VIII

Grey Conspiracy: Peak Love

by Julian Gough

illustrator Rosie Roberts

America is totally dependent on love. She couldn't function without it. But she hasn’t been able to satisfy her own needs from her own resources since the 1970s. Increasingly, she is dependent on the love of others. Read more...

Fiction / Issue VII

Four One Page Plays by Julian Gough

by Julian Gough

illustrator Sabrina Mansouri

A TAXI appears. EINSTEIN gets in, followed by NEWTON. The taxi does not move. A projection flashes images past the window. NEWTON stares out the window. EINSTEIN ignores the projections and plays the violin. Read more...

Fiction / Issue V

Tarkovsky's Barney

by Julian Gough

illustrator Kagan McLeod

The recent discovery of Tarkovsky’s “lost diary” has thrown a new light on their struggle to create what eventually became a globally recognized triumph of Western culture. Read more...

Fiction / Issue IV

“I’m The Guy Who Wrote The Wild Bunch”

by Julian Gough

illustrator Jenny Mörtsell

So what's this film about, Mr Peckinpah, I asked him. It's about a bunch of killers, hiding out in the hills in Mexico, he says. And I don't want them prettied up, mind. Read more...