Maureen N. McLane

Maureen N. McLane is the Poetry Editor of GREY. She is a poet, memoirist and critic. Her latest book, This Blue (Farrar, Straus and Giroux), was a 2014 National Book Award finalist. 

Travel / 1.4

Notes on Florence; A Gathering of Flowers—I Fiori

by Maureen N. McLane

illustrator Rosie Roberts

Our first week: I wake from a dream into a peculiar but not unpleasant sensation—that of bells palpably blooming in my ear, as if they were resonant flowers. Read more...

Poetry / Issue IX

From The White Men Psalmody

by Maureen N. McLane

photography Peppe Tortora

For white men are recent
For white men have no ancestors they acknowledge
For white men touch anything but claim they are selective
For white men always tell the truth

Poetry / Issue II

To One In Parma

by Maureen N. McLane

illustrator Florence Manlik

The privilege
of even being

Poetry / Issue IV

Terran Life

by Maureen N. McLane

photography Katsuhiko Kimura

The era of common sense is over
& finished too the flourishing of horoscopes.
Hey traveler what chart to sign your way? what iPhone app?