Monika Norwid

Chronicle / 1.4

Eli Reed Interview

by Monika Norwid

photography Alessandro Simonetti

"To stay authentic, for me, is to skate, which is always to live in the now." Read more...

Abstracts / 1.1

Music: Wilson Audio

by Monika Norwid

photography Aimee Brodeur

Several feet ahead, a pair of angular objects the size of baby dinosaurs or sports cars tipped on their tails peers down at you. Read more...

Abstracts / 1.2

MUSIC: Lydia Ainsworth

by Monika Norwid

photography Gregory Aune

realization Valentina Ilardi Martin

Lydia Ainsworth and the Williamsburg Bridge met over a year ago. Read more...

Abstracts / 1.2

Music: Blackbird Guitars

by Monika Norwid

artist Airyka Rockefeller

This article is for everyone who’s never played guitar. Hey—maybe you’ve never played ANY instrument in your life. Read more...

Travel / 1.3

Grey Days in Marrakech

by Monika Norwid

photography Terry Munson

If people built mind palaces as a memory aide, then my Marrakech is the inverse—memory and creativity made manifest in a physical place. Read more...

Interiors / 1.2

Dimore Studio: Canon of Confusion

by Monika Norwid

photography Giulia Venanzi

coordination Concetta D'Angelo

Transcending tasteful solutions, a Dimore room is in a state of constant, invigorating tension, boobie-trapped with risky propositions that are then left hanging for our imaginations to get hooked on. Read more...

Editorials / 1.2

Paz de la Huerta

by Monika Norwid

photography Alexandra Carr

realization Valentina Ilardi Martin

"You know, after living on this Indian Reservation ..." An interview with Paz de la Huerta. Read more...

Chronicle / 1.1

Social Issues: Street Kids

by Monika Norwid

photography Ian Jones

realization Valentina Ilardi Martin

For most people, the idea of living on the street is a nightmare on par with incarceration, illness or death. For some, however, it’s a reality. Read more...

Interiors / 1.1

De Gournay

by Monika Norwid

photography Simone Strano

“The china is made in China. You know—where china originally came from.” Read more...

Chronicle / 7 December 2014

Marrakech Film Festival Opening Night

by Monika Norwid

photography Karim Tibari

Let the Un-Festival of Film Festivals Begin... "Many people tell me that their children learned Arabic from watching my films" Read more...