Tarajia Morrell

Chronicle / GREYBOOK Volume I

Food: A Convivial Chaos

by Tarajia Morrell

illustrator Fanny Gentle

Whether Maronite or Druze, a Palestinian refugee, Sunni or Shiite, from a mountain village or a coastal town . . . the kitchen becomes theirs and the bounty they create overshadows the differences between their backgrounds and those of the patrons. Read more...

Chronicle / 1.2

Food: Pry me Open

by Tarajia Morrell

photography Grant Cornett

“I have grown to cope with the unpredictable: the loss of a friend; the pain of a lover who has taken leave; the doubt that has forced thorny defenses to safeguard my softest parts.” Read more...

Chronicle / 1.4

Food: Pasture to Plate

by Tarajia Morrell

photography Zachary Zavislak

If everyone starts with the tool of curiosity and then expands it into collective awareness, I think we’d be well on our way to a more sustainable model, whatever that might actually look like. Read more...