Frames of Sarita

photography Garance Doré

realization Valentina Ilardi Martin

Issue X

featuring actress SARITA CHOUDHURY
post production NUMÉRIQUE.IT


"Everything about Sarita is expression. The way she moves, the way she talks, her laughs. I wish you'd heard the stories she told us as we were in the studio on that very cold day of March. But I'd rather let your imagination run."
-Garance Doré 

MINE LUXURY NAIL LAQUER is a collection of unique nail polishes, created by jeweler Veleta Vaneza, featuring the finest raw minerals. The 24K Gold Lacquer is a brilliant one-coat polish exclusively pigmented with pure 24 carat gold. Sarita wears gold-plated tourmaline-adorned rings by CORPUS CHRISTI, two thin gold-plated bangles from the "Puro" line of IOSSELLIANI and a silver bangle by WOUTERS & HENDRIX.

This fringed suede shawl is worn over a silk printed gown. Both come from the KITON collection. The coral and ruby earrings, set in black gold, are designed by ALESSANDRA LANNA. The thin silver necklace belongs to the IOSSELLIANI "Puro" collection. Facial Elixir, by PERFUMERA CURANDERA, made from seven nutrient-dense nut and seed oils, nourishes and hydrates the skin. From the RMS BEAUTY collection, a natural allure is obtained with the light formula of Un Cover-Up foundation, while the Living Luminizer and Buriti Bronzer glow the skin. All are formulated with raw, food grade and organic ingredients in their natural state.

A sequined leopard motif illuminates the polo-shirt by ASHISH. The silk and cotton dress by LOUIS VUITTON is made of a patchwork of different printed panels. The fringed earrings with tiger eyes are by IOSSELLIANI. Sarita wears her own rings, and, on her left hand, two gold-plated rings with tourmalines by CORPUS CHRISTI.

The embroidered robe by ACE + JIG reveals a striped contrasting lining. The ardesia silk shirt is by KITON. The jogging pants, illuminated by iridescent sequins, are by ASHISH. The eyes are intensified by the metallic shades of "solar" and "lunar" Cream Eye Shadow by RMS BEAUTY. The Volume Effet Faux Cils mascara, by L'ORÉAL LUXE-YVES SAINT LAURENT, is featured in the "fascinating violet" shade.

Cocoa and navy shades are combined in this sequined see-through dress, with guipere lace bodice, designed by MARC JACOBS. The black jersey bodysuit worn underneath is by BASE RANGE. The suede sandals with rhinestones and feathers applied are by JIMMY CHOO. The silk ribbed socks are by MARIA LA ROSA. THe gold-plated earrings with crystals by IOSSELLIANI finish the look.

Floral lace doubles this cobalt blue silk dress by STELLA MCCARTNEY. The striped top worn underneath is by SAMUJI. The hazel leather sandals by DONNA KARAN are worn with cashmere-blend socks by FALKE. The gols rings with tourmalines are by CORPUS CHRISTI.

This sheer beaded kimono and the printed chiffon dress adorned by fringes, both come from the ANNA SUI collection. The denim jacket is by COURTSHOP. The cotton bodysuit is by BASE RANGE. The silver earrings with clear blue topaz come from the "Puro" line of IOSSELLIANI.

The waffle-net zipped blouson by VERA WANG is worn over the teal chamois dress by HERMÈS. The black agate necklace with geometric pendant is by IOSSELLIANI, as are two gold-plated bangles. The silver bangle adorned by a rectangular aventurine is by WOUTERS & HENDRIX. The gold-plated rings with tourmalines are by CORPUS CHRISTI. Sarita's lips are warmed by the "beloved" shade of the Lip2cheek balm by RMS BEAUTY.

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