Grey Conspiracy: All Seeing Eye

by Daniel Area Wakahisa

illustrator Jenny Mörtsell

Issue VIII

All Seeing Eye 1

A few days later I started seeing it all. Everywhere.   

      The All Seeing Eye—

       Is everywhere Eye look 
       Eye can see it now
       Now that Eye’s not looking
       The black screen Eye see.

       Interplanetary space
       Exospheric escape
       Eye bit my nails
       Eye told you not to.

       How was Eye to know
       Who Eye was
       When all Eye see
       Is the all seeing Eye?

       Eye threw up densely
       Venus’s belly button
       Napoleon’s skull
       Crawley’s great beast.

       Till Eye felt asleep
       Like a frozen Russian lake
       Kissed goodnight
       By winter’s silent lips.

HAUSCH! A caboclo from Acre named Elves taught me this expression the Katukina use as a blessing during their ceremonies involving vast amounts of FDA disapproved substances. In their obscure language it means “fucking awesome!” Multidimensional travelling is taken very seriously by them. I wouldn’t be surprised if like the Tupinamba they adopted cannibalism as a spiritual practice in order to absorb the knowledge of a great deceased Pagé. They like to keep it old school. In fact they’re notoriously homophobic and in all their history there has been only two cases of children who according to them were simply born that way and mocked for their entire lives and upon death their bodies cremated and ashes thrown far far away. Their appreciation of the Great Spirit might only equal their appreciation for homosexual jokes.
       My appreciation on the other hand lay on the sequence of four sacred medicines Elves was about to administer during a Pagelança he was conducting in a tantric center in the outskirts of São Paulo. HAUSCH! The Fantastic Four were Ayahuasca, Sananga, Rapè and Kambo served not necessarily in this order. It depended on the vibe of the evening, and the messages Elves received from Above. Little did I know at the time the can of wormholes I was about to open. My motivation wasn’t Enlightenment (after reading “Fuck It! The Ultimate Spiritual Way” I gave up on that) nor the gatinhas whose tantric massage skills could outperform any snake charmer (for a few hundred Reais). I simply had nothing better to do and a cold I wanted to get rid of which was starting to bother me. On that account I rented a car for the weekend and drove to the King’s den, excited to meet a real caboclo and attend my first Pagelança. I had a feeling it was going to be a night to remember, and in that sense I was not disapointed. Elves had an artillery that could exorcise a Chitauri and kill any living soul’s panema, a term the Katukina use to describe “feeling like shit.”
       The sequence of medicinas da floresta hit one harder than the other until nothing remained but YOUR TRUE SELF, and buckets of vomit and excretions for the tantric girls to clean up afterwards. Elves had warned us that all the remedies used by the natives are pretty strong, specially when combined. The dosage varies for each individual, based on instructions received from the Good Spirits whose faith in humanity often induces them to prescribe one’s maximum tolerated dose. Mine was certainly the case, as Elves blew my mind with a few too many grams of indigenous Rapé (after 60 ml of Ayahuasca, half pipete of Sananga, and nine points of Kambo). It felt like I’d just been hit by a Shinkansen out of control as it entered my nostrils and smashed against my brain, it’s final destination. When the doors opened I was welcomed by a black screen, the last thing I saw this side of reality.

It was nine in the evening when Eye woke up aboard Sinfonia Azul, her iPod playing the final notes of Scriabin’s Poem of Ecstasy, the last track of her “Conspiracy Theory” tracklist. Outside the window the troposphere was glowing orange red against the dark interplanetary sky. A week had passed since Eye left to investigate Earth’s fifth dimensional magnetic field for Wormhole Surfer. As her capsule opened the ectoplasm vapours dissipated uncovering Eye’s crystal yantra in her hallowed splendor, still vibrating from the soundwaves Eye followed to retrace her Spiral Groove to where Eye am. 

       — Aum...
       — Aum...
       — Aum...

Eye’s Hausch whose green skin was glowing with such intensity Eye could smell the Forest where Hausch still in a deep trance lied after being captured by two Katukinas in the middle of the night ten meters above ground in a Castanheira while piggybacked in perfect unison on a female Phyllomedusa bicolor (whose Eye’s Hausch could not resist). Many Surfers never returned from Earth after their Eye saw the Light of Eden where all is Love, Green and Unconditional. It was almost impossible from within to resist an Eye Love You twitter from Earth’s primordial Crystal Beings. Only the Initiated could codify a playlist with enough firmeza to unravel Eyeself back to where Eye was when Eye entered the CAPTCHA to prevent robots and spammers from crossing these dimensions.
       In the end I had to resort to a vacuum tube stereo against alpha wave manipulators.

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