photography Peppe Tortora

realization Concetta D'Angelo

Issue VIII

The "Art de la Table Hermès" collection debuted at the beginning of 1980. This magnificent plate belongs to the "Balcon du Guadalquivir" porcelain set, created in 2005. The golden hand-painted arabesque echoes the wrought iron craftsmanship typical of the Andalusian region. On the background the "Fil d'Argent" cotton fabric is displayed in its "anise" shade. The stylized horse-bite motif, designed by the renowned french design Henri d'Origny, has become iconic.

The "Bibliothèque" wallpaper is a 1996 design of Hugo Grygkar, inspired by the Émile Hermès equestrian book collection. Featured here in the "Blue Nattier" shade.

Jockeys are finely depicted on the "Finish" motif, designed by Jean-Louis Clercon, here printed on cotton fabric. It is a tribute to the equestrian origins of the Maison, born in 1837, when Thierry Hermès opened his artisanal saddlery lab in Paris.

A sophisticated pocket case made of orange leather, a trademark of the Maison, encloses the precious dominos, made of ivory, with striped back.

A regal leopard dominates the colorful savanna in the "Équateur" motif, here printed on cotton fabric, designed by naturalist painter Robert Dallet for HERMÈS in 1988.

This hand painted tea cup is featured in the "Bleus d'Ailleurs" porcelain collection. The luxurious design founds its inspiration in traditional oriental motifs.

This round shaped porcelain teapot echoes the design of Uzbek tradition and belongs to the "Bleus d'Ailleurs" collection.

Exotic flora and fauna are used in the "Équateur" design by Robert Dallet. The kaleidoscopic jungle grows on a white background in the "zenith" version of the print, featured on cotton fabric.

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