B Rant: How To (Be) Play(ed) At The Super Bowl

by Brantly Martin

6 February 2015

  B = me 
Rant = declaim violently and with little sense; rave

The Grand Transmission Window—with its six hour lead-in and time-flattened auto-referential lip-synching slot—revealed a mix of WWI to WWII era propaganda and, oddly enough, a further refinement of America's improvement on Silvio Berlusconi's anti-propaganda propaganda rolled out via Velinas on his television stations. The effect was more a melodious push . . . pull . . . hook . . . (repeat) than discombobulation. The 1920s and 1930s sacrifice/country/(what is your)manhood paired with Silvio's tits/ass/(dancing)girls diversion as opiatic fertilizer. Or: Nationalism vs. Showgirls. 

I don't know about “hiding” but nothing could be more “in plain sight” than Super Bowl doings. Except maybe:  “We don't spy or collect data” . . . “Yes, we do” . . . (Where We = The Powers That Be = TPTB ≠ only The Government)

* * * *

I have an iPhone. The battery has begun to die within a half hour of plug-to-wall removal. I'm still with the one phone company that paid to be the exclusive carrier when the iPhone dropped in America. They have a policy of giving you the worst deal possible unless you call and complain. The other phone companies are now running campaigns—prominent during the Super Bowl—which promise to cut your deal in half and/or give you unlimited data and/or provide the latest phone on a one or two year payment plan. The whole thing is grandfathered-in linguistic insanity: phone. If TPTB are allowed to still use phone—(sorry: smartphone)—then the operating system and mapping software and apps should have to be called wiretaps, or smartsurveillance

I had an interesting conversation the other day with a friend who worked on a documentary about internet/gaming/screen addiction. One of the big hardware/phone makers caught wind of their project and began to “court” them: free product, funding, etc. Their endgame, it turns out, was encouraging the term immersive over addiction. The same campaign could be waged on all booze, drugs, hobbies—and quests spiritual or financial—that lead to enhanced or altered states. Not all, but some humanoids can rationalize and—gasp—choose an addiction. A stamp of approval by TPTB just helps. A lot. My guess is that the Siren Servers, gaming industry and phone makers have studied the big pharmaceutical companies. Make no mistake: TPTB want Oxycontin and not Heroin. What can we get away with? How long before the push back? How much can we afford in fines? PR PR: NARRATIVE CONTROL: PR. (Look Ma: We made one you can't powderize!)  It's an opiate buffet without the need for a scrip. 

Shouldn't every American be given a smartphone along with a few thousand bucks along with a disclaimer—(no, fuck a disclaimer: a mandatory test one must pass that examines the evolution of the terms/symbols free and spy)—that this is “not free.” Shouldn't the same “not free” disclaimer come with all hardware, apps, carriers. Oh, right: it does: “user agreement.” Question: How does that apply to infants? You know the deal: “My 14-month-old is so smart. S/He can already use the iPad. It's amazing.” Nah dude: Your kid is already hooked and being indoctrinated for life (unless you happen to be rich enough to deprogram/rehab them in a decade or so—no doubt in a facility or via a pill/app also produced by TPTB) into the most extreme Totalitarianism on the market: American Consumerism. Modern philosophers that have a problem with religion like to say: “There is no such thing as a (fill in the religion) child.” I agree. Consumerism, like diabetes, is an earlier indoctrination: there are consumer kids and diabetic kids. Technology crossbred with marketing to control the “upwardly mobile” (and, yes: white) American population in the same manner they've sought control of the lower-income lot: addiction/dependence. We have nothing less than monitored reservations and ghettos that everyone is dying to sign up for.  Have you ever researched how the creators and improvers of these technologies raise their kids? 

* * * *

The above is, of course, just me entering Preach2Choir mode, right? (Right?) 

While we're here . . . at the base of the same ideological period as—(ahem)—Plato's Cave, Abbot's Flatland, living in a computer simulation/hologram, pondering greater-dimension-inhabiting sentientish beings (“advanced gamers” if you like) . . .  What about that call in the Super Bowl? If ever there was evidence for in-plain-sight intervention from a not-in-plain-sight plane of species that has evolved to the point where all life is but a computer game—a more well wrought Cubeland perhaps—that call was it. An adjusted (open) mindset-over-matter filtered through the Occam's Razor of Pete Carroll not handing the ball (twice if need be) to Marshawn Lynch for one yard leaves a few options:

Not likely given the money that the people needed to be “in on it” make. But with an estimated $4 billion wagered on the game . . . not out of the question. 

An Honest Shite Call / Good Play
Sure. Both sides saw something on film. One guessed wrong, one guessed right. Sure. 

An Intervention
More than anywhere else in American society that I can think of—aside from some evangelicals—NFL  players involved in game changing/clinching plays seem to be convinced that they, indeed, were subject to an intervention, one of a divine nature. Arthur C. Clarke: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” And in the open. If the 3D creators/programmers of our real national pastime—2D propaganda balanced with 2D distraction—can rig the most accessed sightline over and over again, what about the next level of invisible and unknown snipers? 

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