John Derian and Company

photography GREYHOUSE

realization GREYHOUSE


floral design PUTNAM & PUTNAM


“In the early ‘80s, there were no restaurants to speak of.
People ate at the golf club, or at home, or badly.
We bought a farm there and I started a jour fixe, to bring kindred spirits together. The evenings at our house became fantastic. People performed acts of bravura, recited poems in their mother tongue, sang, played instruments, danced folk dances, fiddled while unicycling, that sort of thing.”
-Beatrix Ost


The ASTIER DE VILLATTE “Peggy” 2-tier bowl is paired with the “Happy” mug and the “Skull” saucer, both by ASTIER DE VILLATTE by John Derian.

The antique Caucasian rug is styled with the “Marble” set from ASTIER DE VILLATTE by John Derian, composed of mug, dinner plate and soup bowl. Inside the mug is a horn spoon. The napkins are by FOG LINEN WORK. Throughout the editorial, the silverware is by ASTIER DE VILLATTE.

The DU LONG ET DU LÉ Vintage Kilim rug is furnished with an ASTIER DE VILLATTE 2-tier “Adelaide” small cake pedestal containing NATHALIE LÉTÉ ceramic eyeballs. The resplendent bouquets are enclosed in antique french glass domes. The “Adelaide” bowl and dinner plate are perfectly combined with the simple dinner plate, all by ASTIER DE VILLATTE. The “Eye” saucer belongs to the ASTIER DE VILLATTE by John Derian collection. Completing the table set are the ASTIER DE VILLATTE glasses and ceramic candlesticks.

The antique French striped linen textile is complemented by the ASTIER DE VILLATTE by John Derian “Marble” ensemble of brown dinner plate and green soup plate. The LIBECO “Amherst” napkin is styled with a horn spoon. A “Galaxie” by ASTIER DE VILLATTE water glass is set with the Liwan-beaded multicolored coaster. On the chair is a JEANETTE FARRIER one-of-a-kind sari throw.

The splendid West Village home of Caroline Ventura, the designer behind jewelry line BRVTVS, served as the location for our table setting. The decoupage floral cache pot by JOHN DERIAN COMPANY displays a lavish bouquet by PUTNAM & PUTNAM. Refer to previous page for complete credits.

The AMANDA MOFFAT POTTERY handmade ceramic cylinder vase and plate are decorated with a blue floral motif.

The AMANDA MOFFAT POTTERY handmade ceramic vase overflows with berry branches. The set of three Italian brass candlesticks light up the table with CIRE TRUDON grey candles. The pillows are made from vintage West African textiles. The Williamsburg home of clothing designer Samantha Pleet gave our table settings their breathtaking backdrop.

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