Loft Opera, Bohème

photography Alessandro Simonetti

coordination Claudia Vitarelli

21 March 2014

all clothes worn by the singers are from 3.1 PHILLIP LIM spring/summer 2013 collection, and styled

stage props and furniture provided by ABC CARPET & HOME

makeup provided by NARS COSMETICS, and designed
by JAMES BOEHMER, NARS Director of Global Artistry

media partner: GREY Magazine

Tenor Won Whi Choi.

Jay Scheib, who worked on the stage design with artist duo Merkx&Gwynne.

Ben Murphy playing bass in the 19-piece orchestra directed by Dean Buck.

Loft Opera's founder Daniel Ellis-Ferris.

Bass Paul An.

Soprano Larisa Martinez.

Baritone Joel Herold.

Soprano Liana Guberman.

Bass Pnini Grubner.

Baritone Joshua Jeremiah.

Stage director Laine Rettmer.

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