Marcel Dzama

by Brantly Martin

artist Marcel Dzama

Issue X


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Ombre = the powers that be = i magi = God

after Ombre explained it to me in layman's terms I told them:
but you do believe in God

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____ = X + Y    expect = eradicate

In exchange for free ____ we provide unlimited X which is based on Y and increasingly influencded by X. Those born now will have no Y and provide no X yet still expect ____ for free.

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= < one bold and ignorant declaration from the well cast

the learned woman = the intermittent oracle = we all agree = our wants are not ours

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. . . the overriding _________ guaranteeing who wins and who loses and the way we justify the focus of our lens upon the manipulation of the words ________ and ________. For further ________ see Decipher Now!: America, 2050 - 2099.

...the (en)forcer of one's hand during the Golden Age of Strategic Military Harvesting. [insert anteceding doom wolf howl] This might be best expressed by the use of Marcel Dzama's (1975 - 2060; 3-D Print rebirth 2080) collage work as algorithmic model for his re-entry, as NSA agent, via Resurrection™. As it happens Dzama's natural death fell just before legislation passed allowing one to pre-approve their coding for Resurrection™. [insert nano-custom beat with pattern distortion harmonica]


I saw two hawks fucking the other day. And this wasn’t in Big Bend National Park or Alpine or Fort Davis—or even the no longer Giant M. TX of my youth but M! TX—and it sure as hell wasn’t in Presidio or Ojinaga, where only buzzards and vultures fornicate on incinerating cacti. It was after my week in west Texas. It was here: Tompkins Square Park: as seen from my window. We all stopped and stared. One of the Italians tried to, of course, take a picture. 


Perhaps it’s all just a game of semantics, this surveillance. The half-life of privacy will soon enter its dementia phase for the same reasons racism, nepotism and patriotism won’t: efficiency. I’m not sure S will come to pass in my lifetime but we will march closer and closer, perhaps as those two lines that never quite touch, or perhaps as an understanding in relation to p, like c. Writing will be saying Surveillance as I see it now or Surveillance as I see it in five years as our nanosystem spies on our nanosystem before uploading our findings to one of the billions of nanodrives circulating our nanosystem.  


If gait is the new face of recognition, How, the NSA must be asking itself, do we pinpoint the gait permutations of those we wish to neutralize? The press conference: We’ve isolated a stroll that 99% of the time leads to terrorism and have brought all suspects in for further profiling. Golf clap. Furthermore, a strain of crawling in toddlers has proved itself useful in forecasting school shootings. A division of Child Protective Services has been established to neutralize the future assassins. Mass understanding. A joint study, conducted by the Best Choice Society and the NSA on womb-kick profiling will be uploaded to your nanosystems next week. Legislation has been passed to allow termination of any predicted fetus assassins. Preventive, SEC regulated, medallions will be auctioned off on July 4th, 2064. High speed trading. 


Dropping American bimbi into exploding computational powers does not lead to a more democratic society: it leads to America: a more democratic society. If Moore’s Law really does come to a halt, will New York’s answer to Duomos—Masonic banks—cease to be event spaces? Perhaps Moore’s Law itself will be selective, naturally of course, having run its course with spying, and focus its inertia on 3-D printing, allowing everyone their own place of worship to host balls for rich and famous replicants and son and daughter replicants of rich and famous replicants at their just printed Chiesa of the Absurd. 


Has devolve become an American word yet? Like a weird sister Americans can make it so. All together now: devolve. Now that we’ve done that is the (d) more than (pejorative)evolve? Let’s make it so, if only in America. Boom: two opposites: devolve and evolve: at the same time: Americana. Is collage passing the buck? Like prose that keeps dropping question marks? We Americans are on the cusp of being able to doodle then produce, on demand, worlds: both virtual and concrete. In 2080 it won’t matter what you think about this work. What will matter is how a Rick Deckard will judge you in their non-virtual existence.

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All works by Marcel Dzama; collage on paper, 2014.
Courtesty of David Zwirner gallery.

from the top: Diese städte nicht hart, es ist huhn or This cities not tough, it’s chicken; From the veil of the soul; Whatever drones may be... that dead men rise up never; Turning terror to a trade; I thought that all things have been savage here

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