Notes on the New Issue

8 September 2015


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From the issue . . . 

BEAUTY: Silent All These Years
Fay Alice Parsons prepares a thunderous debut under the influence of bohemia and busking. Photos by Nicol Vizioli. Styling by Concetta D’Angelo.

“Somewhere between Commedia Dell’Arte and German Expressionist Film, her performance concerns the way she truly feels behind the smeared mask of beauty.”

EDITORIAL: Madrid Calling
Marina Pérez plays hard to get in a hotel booked by Valentina Ilardi Martin. Photos by Astrid Sterner. Styling by Valentina Ilardi Martin.

“But Marina was nowhere to be found—until certain stars aligned and the doorbell rang.”

EDITORIAL: The Evil Seed
Daria Modica Amore finds refuge in the house where it all began. Photos by Peppe Tortora. Styling by Concetta D’Angelo.

“While Le Magare fly naked to benevento in order to perpetrate the wildest rituals against nature, Daria withdraws to the Grey House just before the poisonous bite takes her for a ride.”

EDITORIAL: Desabo o Teto
4US debuts. Photos by Spencer Ostrander. Styling by Valentina Ilardi Martin. 

“They’d rather perform The Doors, with a twist of Saudade.”

TRAVEL: Notes on Florence; a Gathering of Flowers—I Fiori
Poetry Editor Maureen N. McLane reflects on her time in Florence. Illustrations by Rosie Roberts.

“Our first week: I awake from a dream into a peculiar but not unpleasant sensation—that of bells palpably blooming in my ear, as if they were resonant flowers.”

ART: Ghost Protocol
Sheila Metzner’s photos of the Brooklyn Bridge inspire a poem by Rowan Ricardo Phillips.

“The only ghost there ever was” . . .

SOCIAL ISSUE: Filling In A Form
Julian Gough turns filling in a form to a meditation on blank-space hunting data, America, the CIA, torture, David Foster Wallace’s suicide, Irish politics, the female orgasm, second-hand bicycles, the IRA and the IRS, James Joyce and the Dalai Lama. Illustrations by Clement Louis.

“I have no employers. Indeed, I became a writer to avoid having employers. So, I sit in a room that never receives the sun, making up stories about people who don’t exist.”

Editor Monika Norwid interviews pro skater Eli Reed. Photos by Alessandro Simonetti.

“Emotional pain lasts forever. If it’s bad.”

INTERIORS: Estouteville
We document one of the most visually arresting homes in the United States. Historical narration by Beatrix Ost. 

“Mueller-Chapelle chandelier with beautiful animal carvings. Behind it, my grandmother painted by her father, Theodor Roeghels, in 1870, in a lace dress I always envied her for as a child.”

FOOD: “Pasture to Plate”
Food Editor Tarajia Morrell looks her dinner in the eye—from pasture to slaughter to her fork. Photos by Zachary Zavislak.

“As the farmer gutted the hen, a slick, iridescent interior world of viscera was revealed on the plastic folding table.”

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