Under the Blood of the Moon - Diego Buongiorno

by Concetta D'Angelo

3 April 2015

GREY presents Under the Blood of the Moon, an exclusive sountrack dedicated to the Blood Moon, written, composed and arranged by Diego Buongiorno.

This restless sky in spring offers us tonight a rare scarlet moon, visible in all its glory (total lunar eclipse) in North America, Eastern Asia and Oceania. Composer Diego Buongiorno couldn’t miss the chance to serenade Sister Moon.

This is not the first time for Buongiorno, whose art is deeply connected with nature’s feelings and explosions—unavoidably inspiring him to create powerful melodies. Before the recent soundtrack composed for the solar eclipse,
As a Day of Eclipse, he dedicated lullabies to the eruption of the Icelandic Grímsvötn volcano (in the homonymous track contained in his album The Bush) and the lunar perigee two years ago, with the track "Let Your Eyelids Close on Down."

"The nature moves me, definitely. She moves me and touches me, because of her authentic and powerful being. She makes me delve into my deepest self, bringing me back to the state of birth, to the first breath. It's something so concrete that it leaves me breathless. I am impelled to do it, it's something that represents me and I need to correspond. This is what happens to me. It's impossible that such events are not celebrated by a dedicated soundtrack, they could even be composed by big names such as Zimmer, Santaolalla, Desplat, rather than Moby and Aphex Twin. It would be great if other composers would find the time and the desire to devote more of themselves to transforming the concrete being of the nature that hosts them into music. It's been done for billions of years of human history
in other formsand it wouldn't make sense for me otherwise if all this wouldn't be celebrated by music nowadays."

Diego Buongiorno

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