Shows & Backstage / 21 July 2014

Fabio Quaranta - Alta Roma Alta Moda

photography Giulia Venanzi

Backstage pictures at Fabio Quaranta show at Alta Roma Alta Moda 2014. Read more...

Travel / 17 July 2014

Kafenio o Platanos - Nicosia

by Katerina Evagorou

photography Giulia Venanzi

Sitting on a busy square next to a tall sycamore tree, Kafenio o Platanos has a long history as Kaimakli's first coffee shop. Read more...

Beauty & Fragrance / 15 July 2014


by Giulia Bianca Demaria

photography Aryanà Francesca Urbani

coordination Mariaelena Morelli

L’Orpheline is the new fragrance by Serge Lutens, now available at Lutens' Palais Royal boutique in Paris. Read more...

Art / 14 July 2014

99¢ Plus Art Shop

by Claudia Vitarelli

photography Martina Maffini

"While I think it is important that the design world be challenged with alternative concepts of functionality and artistry, the more exciting frontier for me is pushing the boundaries of the art world to include functional handmade art objects." Read more...

Art / 11 July 2014

In Conversation with Davide Dormino

by Claudia Vitarelli

photography Peppe Tortora

coordination Concetta D'Angelo

"Any artist should aim to that bridge between your guts and your head in moving through the process." Read more...

Shows & Backstage / 10 July 2014

Ulyana Sergeenko Couture Fall 2014

photography Vito Fernicola

Backstage pictures at the Ulyana Seergenko Couture Fall 2014 show. Read more...

Chronicle / 9 July 2014

Thoughts on GREY X, Part 2

by Brantly Martin

A word that’s found an opposite destiny—fixed and pejorative—is formulaic. Read more...

Art / 7 July 2014

Tali Lennox, Untitled

director V/K

A visit to the East Village home of painter Tali Lennox. Read more...

Video Editorials / 4 July 2014

Odeya Is Made Of Stars

A video editorial directed by Silvia Morani and Valentina Ilardi Martin featuring actress Odeya Rush. Read more...

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