Art / 1.4

Ghost Protocol

by Rowan Ricardo Phillips

photography Sheila Metzner

The only ghost there ever was, was was.

Art / 10 September 2015

Gaspard Maîtrepierre, Caeli Patrimonium Labitur

by Claudia Vitarelli

photography Vito Fernicola

coordination Mariaelena Morelli

"Let's just say that non-earth civilizations, and their supposed influence on mankind, occupy a significant place in the pantheon he is elaborating." Read more...

Art / 1.3

Zaelia Bishop

by Concetta D'Angelo

photography Giulia Venanzi

Zaelia’s touch in molding experiences with his assemblages of fragile matter reminds me of this: the light touch through which a child turns a rubber band into something else. Read more...

Art / 1.2

Dustin Yellin

by Joyce Varvatos

photography Alessandro Simonetti

An interview with Dustin Yellin.

Art / 31 March 2015


by Concetta D'Angelo

photography Arturo Muselli

In the heart of Naples, a house—the cultural space Tribunali 138—welcomes home reporter Eduardo Castaldo, who displays his photographs in a personal exhibition for the first time in his native city. Read more...

Art / 23 March 2015

"From Cocoanut Grove to Soho Nights" by Ernesto Canovas and Gracjana Rejmer-Canovas

by Maria Rossi

photography Gabriella Codastefano

The title of the exhibition “From Cocoanut Grove to Soho Nights” by Ernesto Canovas and Gracjana Rejmer-Canovas triggers images of glamorous late-night parties and California beaches from a bygone era. Read more...

Art / 1.1


by Gianluca Marziani

artist Danilo Bucchi

In order to preserve the singularity of this unique collaboration between the artist and Grey, the original text was left untranslated, like a catholic prayer in latin. It concerns the work of DANILO BUCCHI Read more...

Art / Issue X

William Eggleston

by Anthony Haden-Guest

artist William Eggleston

The first few times I looked at William Eggleston’s photographs some years ago I thought them rather ordinary. Read more...

Art / Issue X

Marcel Dzama

by Brantly Martin

artist Marcel Dzama

An exclusive selection of Dzama's latest works on paper in occasion of a solo exhibition with David Zwirner gallery. Read more...

Art / 5 September 2014

In Conversation with Samuel Stabler and Justin Adian

by Alexander Wolf

"There’s a very direct joy in knowing that I’ve just taken this work and made it mine. I enjoy putting my mark on that and owning it, in kind of a crass way." Read more...

Art / 3 September 2014

GREY Magazine Art Auction

curation Claudia Vitarelli

Powered by auction house Paddle8, this sale features artworks from the renowned masters and the bright newcomers who have contributed to GREY's distinctive vision. Read more...

Art / 14 July 2014

99¢ Plus Art Shop

by Claudia Vitarelli

photography Martina Maffini

"While I think it is important that the design world be challenged with alternative concepts of functionality and artistry, the more exciting frontier for me is pushing the boundaries of the art world to include functional handmade art objects." Read more...

Art / 11 July 2014

In Conversation with Davide Dormino

by Claudia Vitarelli

photography Peppe Tortora

"Any artist should aim to that bridge between your guts and your head in moving through the process." Read more...

Art / 7 July 2014

Tali Lennox, Untitled

director V/K

A visit to the East Village home of painter Tali Lennox. Read more...

Art / 31 May 2014

In conversation with Kyle Kouri

by Claudia Vitarelli

photography Arturo Stanig

"Language will always be the most important thing to me—it is the dearest thing in my life." Read more...

Art / 30 May 2014

Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, equinimod & costumes

by Claudia Vitarelli

photography Cosimo Fanciullacci

Years after joining the roaster of 303 Gallery, "equinimod & costumes" is the first gallery show presented by French artist Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster in New York. Read more...

Art / 13 May 2014

Siebren Versteeg, Puff Puff Pass

by Katya Valevich

coordination Claudia Vitarelli

The latest generative art project by new media artist Siebren Versteeg is evolving inside an industrial container at the experimental art space run by art historian Lucy Hunter and artist R. Lyon, Where, in Brooklyn. Read more...

Art / 11 May 2014

Frieze New York 2014

photography Katya Valevich

coordination Claudia Vitarelli

A report from the 2014 New York edition of the British contemporary art fair. Read more...

Art / Issue IX

Olivier Mosset

by Peter Scott

One possibility for art in an era of increasing distraction and remoteness is to momentarily assert the significance of the space we inhabit. Read more...

Art / 7 April 2014

Todd Hido, Excerpts from Silver Meadows

photography Cosimo Fanciullacci

coordination Claudia Vitarelli

The latest exhibition from photographer Todd Hido.

Art / 5 April 2014

Angelika Markul, Terre de Départ

photography Aryanà Francesca Urbani

coordination Claudia Vitarelli

"Looking at it, I felt as if I were in Pompeii—a catastrophe that emptied a town of its life and its inhabitants. Life stopped." Read more...

Art / 31 March 2014

Roxanne Lowit, Be Fabulous

photography Arturo Stanig

coordination Claudia Vitarelli

We spoke with the photographer about her exhibition at Steven Kasher Gallery. Read more...

Art / 6 March 2014

In conversation with Peter Scott

by David Court

"I realized that as the city becomes more about artifice, it increasingly resembles a gallery, in terms of display and self-conscious representation." Read more...

Art / 3 March 2014

Re-View: Onnasch Collection at Hauser & Wirth

photography Arturo Stanig

coordination Claudia Vitarelli

"It is that nerve to collecting that is important for any big collector, it’s that passion." Read more...

Art / 18 February 2014

In Conversation with Ray Abeyta

by Claudia Vitarelli

photography Giorgia Valli

"...the sea, monsters, possibilities, death… Yeah, there’s always been a narrative." Read more...

Art / Grey Tales

Portraits by Daniel Egnéus

illustrator Daniel Egnéus

Daniel Egnéus casts his eye on a few faces from 2013: Miguel Ángel, Treviño Morales aka Z-40, Cécile Kyenge, Wendy Davis, Johnny Manziel, Edward Snowden. Read more...

Art / 6 February 2014

Boris Mikhailov, Four Decades

photography Giorgia Valli

coordination Claudia Vitarelli

The Ukrainian-born photographer produced a visual scrutiny of the economic, social, ideological, and institutional changes experienced by his country after the end of World War II. Read more...

Art / Issue IX

João Enxuto and Erica Love

by Peter Scott

While Google is credited by some as democratizing art, their offering up reproductions of art to isolated viewers is in fact a more insidious form of privatization, one for which there is no obvious form of payment, but which dictates the terms of our interaction while giving us the impression that we are in control. Read more...

Art / 16 January 2014

In Conversation With Olivier Mosset

by Claudia Vitarelli

A conversation on motorcycles, and motorcycles in art.

Art / 9 December 2013

In Conversation with Marko Velk

by Claudia Vitarelli

photography Monica Elkelv

"Sometimes you need to see the image in process before you can finish it. Unless you know exactly what are you are doing." Read more...

Art / Issue IX

Manhattan Quadratic Declination

photography Robert Polidori

curation Claudia Vitarelli

An original sequence of images, drawn from a photograph shot with a view camera from a Manhattan apartment. Read more...

Art / 2 December 2013

Frieze London 2013 Sketchbook

illustrator Rosie Roberts

coordination Claudia Vitarelli

A brief report from the 2013 edition of contemporary art fair Frieze London. Read more...

Art / 25 November 2013

Artissima 2013

photography Alice Guarini

coordination Violetta Sturiale

Contemporary art fair Artissima took place in Turin's Oval Lingotto pavillon during the second weekend of November. Read more...

Art / 21 November 2013

Christopher Wool at Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

by Claudia Vitarelli

photography Giorgia Valli

"I think in general people don’t associate Christopher Wool with photography, and we have a very generous showing of the photography in this exhibition." Read more...

Art / 14 November 2013

Jason Rhoades, Four Roads

by Claudia Vitarelli

photography Giorgia Valli

"They're unpacking balls of bubblewrap that say ‘This is not art,’ and inside the ball of bubblewrap there’s a ball of bubblewrap that is the art." Read more...

Art / 13 November 2013

Alessandro Simonetti, Never Forget The Warriors

by Claudia Vitarelli

An exclusive preview of images from Simonetti's latest project, and an interview for the upcoming release of the book. Read more...

Art / 11 November 2013

Mike Kelley

by Justin Lieberman

photography Giorgia Valli

coordination Claudia Vitarelli

The Mike Kelley retrospective currently on view at PS1 seems like an impossible feat. Read more...

Art / 4 November 2013

Iké Udé, Styles and Sympathies at Leila Heller

by Claudia Vitarelli

"I like to show my artists from the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey, and Central Asia alongside major contemporary and modern masters in order to put them into a context that allows the viewer to equate the two." Read more...

Art / 1 November 2013

In conversation with Andrea Dezsö

coordination Claudia Vitarelli

"The approach to precision depends on what I envision as the final visual experience of the work and so far I have been working equally precisely indifferent of the scale." Read more...

Art / 25 October 2013

Adam Payne, A. Payne Products: Quality Assured

by Claudia Vitarelli

Adam Payne's first solo show opened at Bleecker Street Arts Club with a selection of artworks from his "product range." Read more...

Art / 24 October 2013

João Enxuto and Erica Love, Anonymous Paintings

by Claudia Vitarelli

photography Giorgia Valli

New York gallery carriage trade opens the show Anonymous Paintings, presenting an ongoing series by João Enxuto and Erica Love. Read more...

Art / 20 October 2013

A Scanner, Darkly at David Lewis

coordination Claudia Vitarelli

New York based art dealer and writer David Lewis opens his namesake gallery on the Lower East Side, after a brief Hell's Kitchen venture with Parisian gallery, Balice Hertling. Read more...

Art / 14 October 2013

We Will Riot, by Romas Zabarauskas

by Claudia Vitarelli

photography Giorgia Valli

Director Romas Zabarauskas is on the road promoting his latest feature film, We Will Riot. We caught up with him at the US premiere of the movie during the 6th Annual Bushwick Film Festival. Read more...

Art / 3 October 2013

Chris Burden, Extreme Measures

photography Giorgia Valli

coordination Claudia Vitarelli

The New Museum hosts the first New York survey of performance artist Chris Burden, on view until January 12, 2014. Read more...

Art / 24 September 2013

Robert Polidori, Versailles

photography Giorgia Valli

coordination Claudia Vitarelli

An exhibition taking place at the downtown outpost of Mary Boone Gallery delves once more into Robert Polidori's take on the Palace of Versailles. Read more...

Art / Issue IV


photography Angelo Turetta


Art / 30 August 2013

Flaq - Paris

photography Peppe Tortora

A dynamic art gallery in the heart of Paris, Flaq is a cultural hub spread over three floors, including two separate subterranean spaces. Read more...

Art / Issue VIII

1946 - 2010

photography Christine Rodin

An unreleased series from the archive of the American photographer. Read more...

Art / 11 July 2013

Peter Scott, No Place Like You

photography Spencer Ostrander

Martos Gallery in New York presents Peter Scott's exhibition, No Place Like You, in conjunction with a related group show, No Place Like You (Continued), on view at Shoot The Lobster. Read more...

Art / 23 May 2013

Sam Stabler Collected

photography Alessandro Simonetti

curation Claudia Vitarelli

A curated selection of artwork by New York based artist Sam Stabler, photographed in the house of their respective collector. Read more...

Art / 17 May 2013

Martin Parr, Life's a Beach

photography Spencer Ostrander

coordination Claudia Vitarelli

Opening of "Martin Parr: Life's a Beach" at Aperture Foundation Gallery. Read more...

Art / 15 May 2013

Sebastião Salgado, Genesi

photography Peppe Tortora

The Ara Pacis in Rome—an ancient altar to peace—presents an exhibition of photographs by Sebastião Salgado. Read more...

Art / 15 April 2013

Teresa Cos for Stella McCartney

by Claudia Vitarelli

photography Chiara S. Kurtovic

Artist Teresa Cos' site-specific installation for Stella McCartney's Milan boutique in occasion of the furniture and design fair Salone del Mobile. Read more...

Art / 11 April 2013

Doug Aitken, 100 Yrs Part 2

photography Spencer Ostrander

coordination Claudia Vitarelli

A five day destruction performance took place at 303 Gallery for Part 2 of the exhibition "100 YRS." Read more...

Art / 11 April 2013

Renate Graf, Journal 1992-2012

photography Peppe Tortora

coordination Concetta D'Angelo

Galleria Lorcan O'Neill in Rome presents the book "Journal 1992 - 2012" by photographer Renate Graf and an exhibition of images from the volume. Read more...

Art / 22 March 2013

Erwin Olaf, Berlin

photography Spencer Ostrander

coordination Claudia Vitarelli

The opening reception for Eriwn Olaf's latest series, "Berlin", took place on Thursday, March 14th at Hasted Kraeutler gallery, New York. Read more...

Art / 19 March 2013

An Interview With Henry Codax

by Peter Scott

curation Claudia Vitarelli

The following interview between the notoriously reclusive monochrome painter Henry Codax and carriage trade director Peter Scott took place via email on February 29, 2013. Read more...

Art / 13 March 2013

Erwin Olaf, Berlin at Hasted Kraeutler

An exhibition of photographer Erwin Olaf's latest series, "Berlin", is on show at the Hasted Kraeutler gallery in New York, beginning Thursday, March 14th. Read more...

Art / 30 August 2012


by Carlo Prada

L’aria è una grande vetrina. Se non fosse così impalpabile e trasparente, ciò che ci circonda non avrebbe contorni, colori e volume. Tutti gli aggettivi che la definiscono (calda, fredda, leggera, irrespirabile, pesante…) Read more...

Art / Issue III

Aspassio Haronitaki to the Brain

by Gerald Rosselli

artist Aspassio Haronitaki

The minds that constructed and now maintain the latest walls to surround us will have you believe—at all cost and with eyes on return—that laughing at life is better than scolding it. Read more...

Art / Issue VI

Mexico Sketchbook

artist Andrea Dezsö

Andrea Dezso's Mexico Sketchbook.

Art / Issue V

Fendi: Fatto a Mano

by Carlo Prada

photography Peppe Tortora

With an incredible time leap, Fendi proposes the same situation today, transforming (for the Salone Internazionale del Mobile) its Milanese store on Via Sant'Andrea into a laboratory of ideas. Read more...