Zoe Taylor

Zoe Taylor is an illustrator and graphic artist based in London.

Abstracts / Issue IX

Cobalt Blue

by Daniel Area Wakahisa

illustrator Zoe Taylor

Seven hours and fifteen days later, I woke up for a cigarette in a hospital somewhere near Céu do Juruá still feeling raped by God himself. Read more...

Fiction / Issue VII

As The Heiress To Flight

by Brantly Martin

illustrator Zoe Taylor

La Signorina Sash launches the remains of her mother to the next moon and flies for the first time. Read more...

Fiction / Issue IV

The Boa Knife

by Daniel Area Wakahisa

illustrator Zoe Taylor

The waiting in line continued for hours. There were hundreds waiting for their turn in the corridors and out on the streets. Desencarnados of all breeds, all sick one way or another, in their bodies and inside their heads. Read more...

Abstracts / Issue V

Alien Iconography

by Michael Shermer

illustrator Zoe Taylor

Why should so many people—theists and atheists, theologians and scientists—believe in the existence of superior celestial beings? I contend that it is in the nature of our brains to believe in gods. Read more...