Ghost Protocol

by Rowan Ricardo Phillips

photography Sheila Metzner


Photos from the series Brooklyn Bridge by Sheila Metzner (Inspired by Hokusai Series “Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji”), 2007
Printed by Atelier Fresson, shot on outdated AGFA 1000, AGFA Scala, and Polapan.

“It was my intention when I moved to DUMBO, with a perfect view of the Twin Towers to make that my subject while we lived there. Unfortunately, two weeks after moving, the Towers disappeared, before my eyes. My concentration for the next six years became the Brooklyn Bridge, day and night, in all weather conditions. My camera on a tripod was set at the window, framing the bridge in relatively the same position, over the years.”
– Sheila Metzner

The only ghost there ever was

was was.

As rain was once the cloud

And steel was once the fire

All things are portioned ghost.

And yet all things present to themselves the present of themselves.

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